She Sees’ mission is to inspire the next generation of diverse female filmmakers and empower more young women to tell their stories through film.

Our ten week program is run by volunteer mentors from the film industry and beyond, and teaches young women to positively collaborate to make their own film.



The She Sees program is currently running in Los Angeles.

And we need your help.

Donations cover program costs, which include:

  • providing professional filmmaking equipment for the students to experience working with
  • healthy refreshments for the students
  • mentor recruitment and training
  • travel and transportation
  • administrative costs, including legal, accounting, insurance, printing

All donations we receive enable us to introduce young women to filmmaking.

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The She Sees Program

She Sees is a 10-week program that focuses on the following:

  • social and emotional learning activities that foster relationship-building and create a safe space for self-expression
  • introduction to basic filmmaking concepts and storytelling techniques
  • learning about various crew roles on a modern film set and the opportunity for hands-on experience with producing, directing, sound mixing, cinematography, etc.
  • empowering students to develop, pitch, produce and bring a story to screen that reflects their vision of the world
  • modeling what is possible for young women through relationships with mentors in the film industry and beyond

The program is capped off by a red-carpet premiere of the finished film, and a chance for the young women to be celebrated for their achievements.



We’re always looking for female and female-identifying mentors to volunteer with She Sees. Our mentors bring experience from the film industry, social work, education, coaching, marketing and design.

Our programs run on Saturday mornings, in South LA.

If you want to learn more about mentoring with She Sees, email us at


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